Solar windows

How do you like the idea of generating clean electricity on see-through glass windows? Let´s make use of the energy of natural sunlight or artificial lighting typically installed in commercial buildings. Solar panels on buildings are not-so-pretty aesthetic and they are usually put on roofs, where they share space with other maintenance equipment, HVAC systems […]

Foam insulation in net zero energy houses

Recently built zero-energy houses bets on foam insulation to reduce energy consumption. Foam instulation is an excellent opportunity for property owners to save money on their heating and cooling costs regardless of the climate. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that a Florida architectural firm recently constructed a zero-energy residence that showcases the value of going green, […]

Is zero really zero?

Are zero energy buildings really zero? – RICS at the EU Sustainable Energy Europe Week (EUSEW) published by RICS on Tuesday 12 Jun 2012 RICS stresses the importance of developing a methodology for measuring embodied carbon in Europe’s buildings and presents the final draft of its information paper on whole life carbon calculation, at a […]

The remarkable benefit of led lights

When it comes to saving money in the home there are many ways that this can be done effectively. One of the biggest losses we experience, which experts say can be as much as 40%, is from poorly installed windows and doors or from badly done insulation. This can be changed by installing energy efficient […]

Energy audit checklist

ENERGY AUDITOR CHECKLIST Using this energy audit checklist you can easily conduct your home energy audit. Taking the time to perform an energy audit of your own home will help you to identify greatest losses in energy usage, and how to solve them. Checklist: Air conditioning load trips circuit breaker on extremely warm days. Air […]