Advantages of net zero energy houses

Since there have been built thousands of zero energy buildings around the world based on different technologies we can talk about their real advantages and compare their efficiency to standard buildings. In terms of future legislative restrictions and very strict energy requirements beginning from 2019, it is important to say that it is far less […]

Zero energy buildings in Europe

By 31 December 2018 EU Member States must ensure that all new buildings produce as much energy as they consume on-site. The idea is to introduce more efficient insulation for buildings to reduce the energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy on-site. Existing buildings need to be upgraded in energy performance when undergoing […]

Welcome to!

Welcome to our website about zero energy buildings! We do believe that our visitors will find daily updated information about low energy buildings, their design and technology. During the next week, we are going to release our first pages about zero energy, low energy, passive and green houses. This will be followed with useful information […]