The green future

How the the recesion affect the future of the buildings industry and green buildings in particular? In the short term, the green will be impacted in a very similar way as all other investments are. In the long term, the building companies will have to revise their strategies.  They have to be prepared to offer […]

Trends in 2010

In 2009 we saw high growth of interest in energy efficient living but 2010 will be an exciting year for green buildings; experts predict that we’ll emerge from the global crisis and we can expect to see an exponential growth. What are the near-term trends we could see as soon as next year? 1. Energy […]

ISOMAX – Zero Energy Building Technology

Today, more than 40 % of all energy raw materials are being used for heating and cooling of buildings. Yes, there are many ways how to utilize the renewable energy, but the initial costs for photo-voltaic installations, heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation or solar collectors are still too high in comparison to achieved energy savings. […]

Is Your House Energy Efficient?

Annual energy bill for a typical single family home is over $2,000. Do you know how much money do you spend on energy? What do you think, how do you use energy in your home? Typically heating (31 %) and cooling (12 %) accounts are the biggest chunks of a utility bill. There are many […]


Upcoming year 2010 will also offer CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVE HOUSE conference at the CEP®. Speakers from politics,  research and practical applications will focus on future of renewable energy and energy efficient buildings, construction and renovation. This conference will take place in New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in Stuttgart, starting from February 25th to  February […]