Sustainable Energy Europe 2010

Dear fans of zero energy buildings, renewable energy sources, clean transport, eco fuels, we are very pleased to invite you to Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition 2010 organized by The European Commission. For further details please visit Please keep in mind that the applications are closing by November 27th, 2009. Also, theĀ  Sustainable Energy […]

Net Zero Energy and Green Buildings

If we want to compare these two terms, we have to first understand their definitions. On the first hand, it is easy define a zero energy building (can be measured in different ways), on the other hand the green building is about efficient use of energy, water and natural materials, and also waste and pollution […]

Barriers to zero energy buildings

What prevents investors and potential owners to construct zero energy buildings? Lets go through the list of major reasons: Lack of information – people dont know about the benefits of zero energy buildings Regulatory issues and lack of legislation – people are not doing more than necessary Lack of expertise – builders do not promote […]

Advantages of net zero energy houses

Since there have been built thousands of zero energy buildings around the world based on different technologies we can talk about their real advantages and compare their efficiency to standard buildings. In terms of future legislative restrictions and very strict energy requirements beginning from 2019, it is important to say that it is far less […]