Zero energy building energy audit

Most homes and commercial buildings were built before today’s zero energy materials and technology when fuel costs were reasonable. Home owners tried to compensate with advanced insulation, air sealing techniques and lowering thermostats to produce warmer homes and lower their energy bills. But even today´s zero energy buildings waste energy. As energy efficient technologies and equipment are […]

Aluminium windows in ZEB?

In our previous article about energy efficient windows we mentioned, that window frames are available in a variety of materials including vinyl, aluminum, wood,  and fiberglass, or in  combination of these different frame materials. Now, we are going to focus on aluminium window frames and their advantages and disadvantages related to energy efficiency and savings. […]

Zero energy building white paper

If you are interested in zero energy buildings (ZEB), you should not miss this white paper, which is the eighth in a Series of White Papers on the Green Building Movement published by Building Design+Construction and sponsored by North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, U.S. General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service, Johnson Controls, Inc., Lafarge and […]

ZEB performance monitoring and reporting

Building performance monitoring and reporting by Godfried Augenbroe, College of Architecture, Georgia Tech, is a very interesting presentation of: Importance of Improve energy efficiency Energy Monitoring Building Auditing Why and how to benchmark? Problems with current benchmarking methods Energy Star LEED EB BEQ Existing benchmarks BECS industry averages E-BIDS HP database HERS Model-based benchmarking, and […]

Lighting in a zero energy home

Lighting is a primary target for energy savings, because of its largest individual use of power. Lighting is responsible for 25-40 percent of energy consumption. Natural light A well designed zero energy home maximizes the use of natural lighting. Benefits of natural light: visual – Natural light also provides a perfect white light health benefits […]