Oberlin College Lewis Center .

The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies is owned and occupied by Oberlin College and was completed in January 2000. Since then it attracts visitors from around the world and inspires architects and engineers. The Lewis Center generates its own on-site electricity, so it is a net zero energy building. Photovoltaic (PV) panels on […]

Aldo Leopold Legacy Center

The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, located in Baraboo, WI, owned and occupied by The Aldo Leopold Foundation, Inc., is a commercial office building of 11,900 ft2 (1,100 m2) completed in April 2007. It is rated as a Zero energy building, LEED ® Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (61 points). The Leopold Center produces […]

Zero energy home blog

If you are interested in building a zero energy home, we recommend to have a look at this  nice blog about  the  Zero energy house in Richmond: http://zeh-richmond.blogspot.com/ If you know about any other similar blogs please let us know and we will publish them here. Thanks!

Energy monitoring in a net zero energy house

Within the past years many new home energy monitoring systems have emerged on the market. These systems help you to measure, analyze and control energy usage by individual circuits and appliances so you can see how much power each appliance is using and how much money each costs to operate. These energy monitors collect, store […]