How to consume less energy and water?

Another nice illustration of nearly zero energy home. Click on the label to find out how to save energy and water cost and how to make your home healthier. Ways to reduce your living cost and improve local environment: Site selection Natural light Natural ventilation Recycling water Roofs covered with ventilation Photovoltaic panels and solar […]

Zero energy building barriers

Most contractors and builders are often viewed as being risk averse with respect to adoption of new zero-energy building technologies. New technologies need additional planning steps and code approvals, require additional training or use of new suppliers, materials, or equipment. All these can lead to unexpected customer complaints. We are all aware of environmental issues […]

A zero energy home

Achieving a zero energy home means learning how to optimize the largest energy users like heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Now, we are going to focus on these 7 specific areas: Solar power Capturing heat Geothermal ventilation Electricity Materials Appliances Insulation Solar power Photovoltaic panels, also known as PV, convert sunlight directly to electricity for […]

The TimberCreek Zero Energy House

Today we would like to present anotherĀ  high-performance net zero energy house with minimal impact on the environment. Previously reviewed houses: David Shepler, IBM Research. The Samsung Green Tomorrow house The TimberCreek Zero Energy House Construction started: May, 2009 Architect: William Peck, William Peck & Associates Builder: Chris Miles GreenCraft Builders LLC Floor plan: zero […]

Steps to net-zero energy home

Achieving a successful zero energy home is not an easy task. If you are constructing a new home or reconstructing your current one there are many things you can do to increase the energy efficiency and achieve net-zero energy standards. It is important to say, that you do not have to be afraid of high […]