Electrochromic windows

Electrochromic windows in zero energy buildings allows an automatic control of the amount of light and heat that passes through the windows of buildings and vehicles. They can change from transparent to dark by an electric signal. Electrochromic windows can be darkened (a small voltage applied to the windows will cause them to darken) in […]

Energy cost calculator

To estimate a simple cost of energy, NREL prepared a simple energy cost calculator that allows the comparison of the combination of: Capital Cost ($/kW) Capacity Factor (%) Fixed O&M Cost ($/kW-yr) Heat Rate (Btu/kWh) Fuel Cost ($/MMBtu) The calculation does not include discount issues, financing issues or degradation costs, etc. Using the slider controls […]

Present your business or project here

Are you a zero energy home builder or a green industry supplier? Do you live in a zero energy home? Share your experience in living in a green house with our readers, to propagate the idea of zero energy living, whether our visitor is a homeowner looking to remodel his home green, homebuyer, contractor or […]

Buying and building a zero energy home

Green building is a trend that has been identified as one of the most significant developments in home building in the past three decades. Net zero energy buildings are “on-grid” structures that produce renewable energy onsite at a value equal to, or greater than, the building’s total annual energy consumption. Zero energy building technologies can […]

Zero energy home plans

Are you looking for a zero energy home plan? In this collection of zero energy home plans and projects, you will find  projects that take energy seriously, focusing on modern green home design and zero energy homes and buildings : http://www.zero-energyplans.com http://www.zeroedesign.com http://www.zeroenergy.com http://www.zero-energy-home.com