Energy monitoring in a net zero energy house

Within the past years many new home energy monitoring systems have emerged on the market. These systems help you to measure, analyze and control energy usage by individual circuits and appliances so you can see how much power each appliance is using and how much money each costs to operate. These energy monitors collect, store […]


Lumenhaus is a “power of light” zero energy modular house. Multiple modules can connect or stack with plug-in stairs and entryways. The Lumenhaus maximizes exposure to daylight and the energy collected during the day is used at night through a low-energy lighting system within the insulating panels. Virginia Tech’s Lumenhaus also Wins the 2010 European […]

Vision Zero home

The Dow Chemical Company and Cobblestone Homes have introduced an affordable net-zero energy home and the concept and Vision Zero was born. Unlike the conventional homes, the zero energy home produces about as much energy as it consumes. A net zero energy home uses about 60 to 70 percent less energy than a conventional home. […]

Buying a zero energy house

Even buying an ordinary house seems to be an enormous maze when considering all the emotional, financial and legal issues. Let´s assume that you are not a “green energy” engineer with experience in doing home inspections, then not many of us have experience with buying a zero energy house. We are all first time buyers. […]

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a very effective, non intrusive building diagnostic procedure. Thermal imaging means identifying energy loss mostly caused by missing or defective insulation, air leaks, moisture penetration and thermal bridging. Infrared thermal imaging cameras, also known as thermographic cameras, are being used to identify these building defects. They measure the surface temperature of buildings. […]