Elumaja – Zero Energy Houses from Estonia

elumaja zero energy housePassive and zero energy houses that comply to the energy standard are built and used in many european countries, mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden. But now, we would like to mention one interesing, energy efficient modular house concept from Estonia, called Elumaja.

The Elumaja concept combines several “energy efficient packages” or modules, called Base, Solar, Power, Water and Smart. Combining these packages,the final house can meet a passive house or even zero house energy standard.

Base – ventilation and heat-recovery element, electrical heating, electric boiler. This concept requires connection to external networks.

Solar – this package includes solar collectors used for hot water and gas tanks or small co-genetarion plants.

Power – including this energy package ensures, that Elumaja complies with the criteria of zero energy building. The Power package includes a solar power station, a battery pack, inverter, automatically triggered backup generator/co-generation plant and a control panel with visual output. Also a wind generator can by included. This package profides independence from electric grid.

Water – consists of rainwater collectors, water purifier and a separating and composting toilet and provides independence from water and wastewater networks.

Smart – enables to centrally manage the equipment for operating the building.

And what is the price of Elumaja zero energy house?

A 45 m² house starts from 63 300 EUR, and 135 m² from 159 100 EUR which is not really higher than the market average, when we consider that the Heating cost are just 0 EUR/year.

Elumaja houses use only environment friendly materials and materials that never pose health risks. The company avoid using materials whose production is energy intensive, materials based on oil products or non-recyclable materials.