Energy blogs

List of blogs related to zero energy buildings:

Energy Savers

The Energy Savers Blog is a place for consumers to learn about energy efficiency and renewable technologies. It is not primarily focused on Zero Energy Homes, but covers many topics like air sealing, alternative fuels, fuel cells, energy saving appliances, cooling and heating, doors and windows, energy audits, cost, carriers, energy education, wind, water, solar and geothermal energy, home design, insulation, lighting and tax credits.

Geothermal Technologies

This blog is about geothermal technologies and their applications.  It is a great source of analysis, demonstrations, collaborative projects, enhanced geothermal technologies, ground source heat pumps, research, development and education

Energy Empowers

Energy Empowers is a regularly updated blog about renewable energy stories.  Stories covers different topics from from solar, wind, water, biomass to geothermal energy.

Building Envelope and Windows R&D Program

Building Envelope and Windows R&D Program is a blog for the most up-to-date information about the R&D program on activities from cool roofs, educational materials, presentations, insulation, to the windows volume purchase program.