Is Your House Energy Efficient?

Annual energy bill for a typical single family home is over $2,000. Do you know how much money do you spend on energy? What do you think, how do you use energy in your home? energy efficiency

Typically heating (31 %) and cooling (12 %) accounts are the biggest chunks of a utility bill. There are many ways how you can reduce these numbers by 90% and more. The only question is, how long will it take to pay for itself in energy cost savings. Currently, the average price of electricity is 11.3 cents per kilo-watt hour and average price of natural gas is $13.29 per million Btu. Are these energy prices likely to fall? I don´t think so.

So if you plan to own your current home in a long term and if you have budget and time on maintenance and repair, do not hesitate. Investment in energy efficiency is one of the best ways how to increase the value of your property.