ISOMAX – Zero Energy Building Technology

isomax technologyToday, more than 40 % of all energy raw materials are being used for heating and cooling of buildings. Yes, there are many ways how to utilize the renewable energy, but the initial costs for photo-voltaic installations, heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation or solar collectors are still too high in comparison to achieved energy savings. Also the expenditure of primary energy to manufacture this technology is still high.

The idea of Zero energy building ISOMAX technology is amazingly simple form by the utilization of solar energy in connection with the near-surface geothermal energy. The solar energy is collected via roofing of a building and it is stored underneath the building. This stored solar energy will be used for tempering of walls and roofing via concealed plastic piping installed in building components. The same technology is used for cooling in summer.

Thousands of  examples already realized around the world verify the efficiency of ISOMAX system extremely favourable in regard to  manufacturing and operating costs.

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