Energy saving doors

Today everyone is looking for a way to save some money and buying energy efficient doors can really cut down on your energy bills. The recent estimates says that we can save up to 24% on our annual energy bills. So replacing older doors  might be a good investment, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.

But using energy efficient doors in our home can help us in many other ways. Tightly fitting doors help to reduce dust and allergens that seep into a home.

But to enjoy the  energy savings, first we have to have the Energy Efficient Door properly installed.

To understand the importance of energy saving doors we have to see that front and back doors are two of the larger holes in our homes air barrier. Having a good door ensures that air doesn’t leak  in or out. Exterior doors are on the front line for letting in heat or cold.  Fiberglass,  steel or wood energy efficient doors provide a good barrier to the outdoors, but if the insulation around the doors let in  cold air, the door is not as energy efficient.

But most of the exterior doors have a gap between the bottom and the threshold that allows air to pass through.

The most energy-efficient doors are fiberglass or steel (R-values from R-5 to R-6) and the worst are wood. However, the fiberglass or steel doors must be insulated to achieve high levels of efficiency. Wood Doors are beautiful but are expensive and susceptible to weather damage. Steel Doors and Fiberglass Doors are stronger and resist better.

On the other hand, glass doors, mainly sliding glass doors, are not as much energy efficient because glass is a very poor insulator. However,  modern glass doors  have  a plastic insulator between inner and outer parts of the metal frame, low-emissivity glass coatings and insulating  gases between the glass panes.  Because the sliding doors slides into the door frame a little, they can be sealed up better than others.

Before you buy your energy efficient doors make sure that you look for Energy Star doors, energy efficient glass, know the U value, low E glass coating and ask for at least  double paned glass.

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energy efficient doors

energy efficient doors