Vision Zero home

The Dow Chemical Company and Cobblestone Homes have introduced an affordable net-zero energy home and the concept and Vision Zero was born. Unlike the conventional homes, the zero energy home produces about as much energy as it consumes.

A net zero energy home uses about 60 to 70 percent less energy than a conventional home. This is accomplished through the combination of energy efficient construction and the renewable energy technology.

The Vision Zero House, located in Bay City, Michigan, is not an “off the grid” home. It uses some energy from the local utility, but generates enough extra energy that can be sold back to the local utility company for energy credits.

This home incorporates a number of energy-efficient technologies and solutions, including next-generation insulation, air-sealing products, geothermal heating, solar generation, solar water heating systems to provide hot water, LED light bulbs, and ultra-high efficiency appliances.

Zero energy technology:

Net zero energy house

Net zero energy house

1. Insulated Sheathing on exterior walls

2. Solar Panels for water heating

3. Dow Closed Cell Rigid Spray Foam

4. Energy Recovery Ventilation System for mechanical ventilation

  • Greywater Heat Recovery Unit
  • Dow Tongue & Groove Styrofoam (Under basement floor)
  • Dow Perimate Insulation (Exterior basement wall board)

5.Energy Efficient Lighting

6. Low-E Glass, Paradigm Triple Pane w/Krypton Gas

7. WaterFurnace Geothermal Heating

8. Utility Meter spins backwards when solar power exceeds house demand selling power back to the utility company

9. Closed Cell Rigid Spray Foam inside wall cavity

10. Groove Styrofoam in exterior walls

11. Thirty inch overhang manages solar heat gain

12. Powerhouse Solar Shingles

13. Energy Generating Solar Panels

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