Zero energy building barriers

Most contractors and builders are often viewed as being risk averse with respect to adoption of new zero-energy building technologies. New technologies need additional planning steps and code approvals, require additional training or use of new suppliers, materials, or equipment. All these can lead to unexpected customer complaints.

We are all aware of environmental issues but we can not expect builders and contractors to be environmentally proactive, they do not initiate environmental protection measures. However, they have to respond increased consumer and policy-driven demand for green and energy-efficient homes.

Clients and homeowners have to show their willingness to pay for advanced energy efficiency and zero energy systems and financial incentives have to be developed to finance the additional costs of environmental measures.

Also homeowners tend to avoid technologies that increase risks and overall costs of investment.

Both builders and homeowners need credible information to decide if they can successfully use a broad range of new zero-energy systems with unknown risks and
unproven benefits.